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Dear Valued Customers,

We are going forward in our way that started in 2004 by adding plastic parts and moulds into our scope of activities. We manufacture our own injection moulds without sacrificing quality in our own moulding shops that are equipped with the most sensitive CNC machines in the world in order to make our productions with the highest quality. By this means, our precision will be observable in the dimensions of the products that you will supply from us. The high quality standard and the perfection in the dimensions of our products is the result of the high level quality of our moulds.

Furthermore, we enhanced our quality by receiving the ISO 9001 Certification from Bureau Veritas in 2006 and accordingly any failure is detected during the production stages so that non-conforming semi-products cannot proceed the next operations. Thus, we have stepped forward and established the systematic of qualified production for making every product that is delivered to you with the highest quality.

Making qualified production starts with the high quality of the incoming material. Java Boru never makes concession in the quality of raw materials. The quality of incoming materials is controlled in every lot without any exception for ensuring the quality of the products.

In our production, each lot of semi-products is controlled and reported. Thereby, we ensure the quality in the process of production and we enable potential future non-conformities to be detected.

With our new investment, we are honoured to be one of the manufacturers that have the highest capacity in Turkey. By this means, we guarantee that our customers will not experience any problem in the matter of delivery on time. With our new investments, we will increase our current PP-R pipe fitting products capacity of 700 million pieces to 1 billion pieces in the following terms.

Right along with the high level of our quality and capacity, we aim to raise the profitableness and turnover of our valued customers by keeping our price level most competetive. Consequently, Java Boru and our customers will have the opportunity of growing together.

Very Truly Yours,

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